case study

Video + Data

To increase stock valuation and product awareness


In 2020, Win BIG Media engaged in a highly unique marketing project with select investors of Wrap Technologies (NASDAQ: WRTC). WRTC is a technology company focused on creating socially distant, safe, and non-invasive law enforcement restraint products, in the pursuit of eliminating police brutality (and rebuilding trust with American citizens). In the age of “Black Lives Matter” and national anti-police brutality protests, and social distance policies, WRTC has solved this national dilemma with a product that will safely apprehend criminals without incurring violence (or even death) from a firearm or Taser. This product, called the “Bola Wrap,” has the potential to solve a societal problem and save millions of lives. But there was one problem, WRTC’s product and brand were relatively unknown, and their stock price remained undervalued – hovering in the mid-single digits since its initial public offering. Our client’s challenge was clear: How do we tell WRTC’s story, increase their stock valuation to potential investors, and leverage this to create widespread investor momentum for the company? Enter Win BIG Media. WRTC investors engaged in a comprehensive Investor Insights Report, our data-backed research report, through Win BIG Media’s exclusive partnership with the largest data collection and analytic company in America. Win BIG Media matched 190,000 investors in the Northeast United States with millions of data points, consisting of interests, psychological drivers, and daily habits. 

Knowing the Investor

The data gleaned from the Win BIG Media Investor Insights Report, analyzed potential stock investors in the Northeast United States to include the following factors: 

- Annual stock investment between $50,000 - $3 million 
- Investors tendencies such as using a stockbroker, managing their own stocks, or using apps to manage investments 
- A higher level of education 
- Male, over 35 years of age 

In addition, the data gave us insights into the personal values of the target investor. These baseline investor tag results proved a major factor in creating a message that would drive investment in WRTC stock, which included: 

- An investor with a need to look important (significance) 
- An investor with a desire for certainty (a “sure thing”) 
- An investor with a high interest in tolerance/acceptance of others 
- An investor with a high interest in politics, specifically mistreatment of African Americans, appropriate use of force among law enforcement, and enacting gun control 

Designing a strategy for action

Now that we understood the motivations of our target investor market, we knew what type of messaging would encourage them to take action. Win BIG Media modeled the strategy and messaging after the political marketing formula that elects presidents. This included building curiosity, intrigue, and interest around how the target investor market wanted to engage, before investing. 

Our campaign focused solely on the creation of a :30 second video consisting of four phases: 

- Grab immediate attention: The video begins with WRTC’s product, the Bola Wrap, being shot into the air. 
- Increase credibility and validation: Once we grabbed the target audience’s attention, we had to keep it. Our next step was to display national headlines that featured the company, such as FOX Business - the highest rated business show on cable - and Bloomberg News, to show the legitimacy of the company’s main product and immediately show third-party validation. 
- Increase curiosity: Now that we established curiosity and credibility, the video messaging underscored the “significance” of the product using phrases such as “revolutionary” and “the next great company” and clips from the Bola Wrap’s use in the hit TV show “NCIS Los Angeles.” This portion of the video increased intrigue amongst investors (giving them the idea that they could be buying the stock at a bottom-floor price). 
- Educating and creating urgency: The last ten seconds of the video was designed to elicit action. We featured content from CBS Sunday Morning News that demonstrated the use of the innovative product – emphasizing the significance of the product – and ended with a line from the segment stating, “This could change the way police do their jobs,” followed by displaying the stock symbol, “WRTC.” 

*To ensure our campaign was legally bullet-proof, the video and ad campaign were reviewed and approved by multiple lawyers specializing in navigating 

Knowing the investor

The first week that Win BIG Media’s campaign ran, a few outlier factors occurred that downgraded the stock, including a major investor who sold 1 million+ shares of the stock. In addition, the GDP was publicly downgraded, and the first-shock news on the Coronavirus was released. Even still, the first week allowed us to learn and optimize investor actions for an eventual higher rate of return, so that we could quickly deliver the video ad multiple times and continually re-targeting our “pool” of potential investors. 

By the week of Feb. 2, the market stabilized and Win BIG Media’s ad campaign had received enough frequency from target stock investors (translated – the video was viewed more than once) to increase the press coverage surrounding the stock. By Feb. 6, the stock was featured in the online publication Slater Sentinel discussing the stock’s surprising share increase (before the story broke, there had been no news released by investment houses or WRTC, that could have generated such a story). 

Our campaign was the only outlet promoting the product to stock investors. By amplifying our messaging and the article’s release, the stock rose 7.3% throughout the week (and Google Trends indicated an increase in searches for the stock ticker compared to previous weeks). 

*The Slater Sentinel article coincided with a second frequency delivery of our video, with the investor audience, and contributed to the 3% rise in the stock. 


The remaining three weeks of the campaign focused on continuing to create more video view-ability rates with our target investor pool – increasing frequency and attention around the stock. By focusing ad dollars on a specific investor audience, Win BIG Media doubled the number of clicks to the WRTC investor page and generated a 4.15x view-ability frequency – meaning the 190,000 investor targets saw the ad on average 4.15 times over the lifetime of the campaign. 

In addition, Win BIG Media’s marketing campaign generated the following results for WRTC: 


Increase in WRTC investors from the targeted geographic location*


More WRTC investors that bought 500+ shares*


Outperformed the NASDAQ 11 out of 17 days of the campaign


Increase in the WRTC stock once investors moved into the retargeting pool

$34.8 Million

Increase of WRTC's market capitalization during the ad campaign