case study

Your chance to own the market

How off-season message testing can lead to consistent conversions and consistent business.


After engaging with a national pest control company for our 5-Step Undefeated Marketing System, we encountered a slow-selling season –winter – when pests and termites typically go into hiding.

While we successfully drove conversions for several months for the company, we found this to be the ideal time to test new messaging. During a typically slow season, where competitors pull back on marketing, we were able to focus on aspects of their business that do not receive the same amount of concentration due to budget allocations.

Knowing that in most industries, the “off-season” presents an opportunity to increase Google Search rankings at a relatively low cost, we set out with a goal to surpass our typical conversions and create a new “busy season.” With this new opportunity, we re-entered Step 4: Data-Backed Message Testing.


We shifted our efforts to focus on the highest intent-driven keywords, such as “rodent control near me” and “natural exterminator.”

We analyzed results and ads daily to continually refine our keyword search and tweak our AdWords bids to boost performance.


With a focus on intent-driven search terms and refined bidding strategies at a time when their competition pulled back, we maintained a clickthrough rate consistent with their peak “busy season” while doubling our conversion rate – reducing the cost per conversion by nearly half. We found the formula to drive more customer conversions, more efficiently. Through our emphasis on “down-season” advertising, the client experienced:


Top-of-page rate


Higher conversion rates


Cost per conversion rate

(compared to industry avg. CPC of $80-$100)

Facebook Ad

Video mockup of an ad to allow the viewer see the mosquitos flying a cross their screen.