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""I love data. It all makes perfect sense and matches with what we are saying and doing. This is incredibly helpful, fascinating. Keep it coming. Send me your takeaways. Don’t leave me alone. Let me know what you see! I posted on my LinkedIn.”
Mark Cuban
“Phillip and Win BIG Media shared their data insights right before we went into our Digital Course Academy launch - and it was our biggest launch ever! I don’t think it’s any coincidence that we had this amazing data. We applied it to our marketing, how we grew our leads, even into our webinar and our live video messaging. It definitely made a difference; it’s that powerful.”
Amy Porterfield
Founder, List Builders Society ® and Digital Course Academy ®
“Phillip Stutts and his team at Win BIG Media analyzed my web-traffic and email list and brought me the most incredible insights I have ever seen, and I didn’t think this kind of data was ever possible to know. In our 90-minute analysis, Phillip and his team outlined the results of their work. I was simply blown away. Phillip's report has completely refocused and revitalized our marketing and messaging strategy."
Peter Diamandis
Founder/Chairman X-PRIZE FOUNDATION (and partners with Elon Musk)
“It has been great to work with Win BIG Media. We needed help narrowing down our messaging with our customers with the intent to grow online sales. Win BIG Media provided measurable information, allowing us to re-target our customers with the right messaging and in a short period we experienced significant increase in online sales. We look forward to the next stages to expand our national presence.”
Dan Bailey
Owner, Amavida Coffee Roasters
“Dugout Mugs is already an extremely data-driven company, so when Win Big Media told us they were going to blow our mind with a bunch of stats we have never seen before, I was obviously a little hesitant. Boy was I glad to be wrong! The report they generated for us has drastically impacted our marketing strategies, ads, copy, and more... not to mention it has allowed us to more clearly explain to our team who our customer actually is.”
Kris Dehnert
Owner of DugOut Mugs
“My company had difficulty getting into the heads of our ideal client and really wanted to fine tune our marketing strategy.  I called Phillip and within a week we undertook the “Customer Insight Report”.  The report told us everything and more we needed to know about our clients!  Our team completely missed the mark until Phillips’ assistance - which put our marketing plan back on track.  Thanks to Phillip and the Win BIG Media team, our company is going strong.”
Mike Brown
Co-founder, Red Fox Capital
"My experience with the CIR was a truly eye opening experience. Phillip and his team were able to provide me everything that I need to take things to the next level and communicate with my clients and potential clients about the things that are truly important to them. This report is an absolute must for any business that communicates with people."
PJ Atherton
Founder/CEO Atherton Hockey (performance coach for 55+ current NHL players)
"The Undefeated Marketing System is a must for making win or die financial decisions - in the increasingly mystified world of big data and advertising. Phillip has the modern playbook on how to win the hearts and minds of your target audience by always leading with data, while managing to stay true to your own values."
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Director of Digital Engagement, Juul
“I love the approach and am sincerely impressed with what Win BIG Media presented in our Customer Insights Report, and our strategy. Now I can sleep easier at night. We’ve tried to onboard other marketing agencies in the past, and it’s always been a cluster. But within a short period of time, the Win BIG Media team grasped our desired outcomes and provided actionable solutions within a clear marketing strategy. Taking the data and affirming the right path with a detailed media plan is a big win for us.”
Geoff Ulrich
SVP of Consumer Strategy, Speedway Motorsports
"Consumer data and analytics are critical for us to accelerate growth for MALK, the #1 organic almond milk on the market. Win BIG Media's Customer Insights Report is impressively the best behavioral and analytical research we've seen. Most importantly, Win BIG Media's analysis and strategy of how to leverage the data has greatly improved our understanding of our consumer and, in turn, our business. This data is so unique, best-in-class and incredibly actionable."
Jason Bronstad
CEO, MALK Organics

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