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Data-driven top of funnel

Campaign leads to a 50% increase in customer pool.


What does Win BIG Media say when a client asks for a 767% increase in website traffic month-over-month? GAME ON. After working with an organic products e-commerce company for nearly six months, our client asked the question, “what would it take to get6,000 new customers a month?” Using historical data, including average conversion rate, monthly website visitors, and current marketing spend, Win BIG Media created a 3-month strategy to deliver qualified potential customers to the company’s marketing funnel and provide a cost-effective conversion rate. The campaign has set our client up for success as we began our strategy headed into the holiday season. Now, the client is set to not only continue to receive an ongoing increase in month-to-month sales but have the strongest holiday season since the company’s inception.


Based on the data we garnered during our client’s Customer Insights Report– Step 1 of our 5-step Process (learn more about our proven process here) – we knew what platforms would be most effective in reaching 130,000 new website visitors the fastest.

• We deployed a top-of-funnel ad campaign using Pinterest and GoogleAds. We avoided platforms such as Instagram and Facebook since the data from their initial report showed that both platforms do not lead to actual conversion for the brand and their respective audience.

• Additionally, we knew that our client’s customers were more likely to purchase a new product that is healthy, sustainable, and practical. This became the crux of our creative elements moving forward. Each ad showed the quality of the ingredients used and the real results from relatable customers.


In order to reach the goal of 6,000 new customers per month, step one was to rapidly increase website visitation. While in previous campaigns we were focused on conversion-only ads, we needed a new plan to drive awareness and consideration.

- During our client’s Customer Insights Report, we found that a large portion of their audience spends their online time on Pinterest. To drive people to the site quickly, we increased the number of ads and the budget on Pinterest to drive more than 45,000 potential customers to the site in June.

- Additionally, while initially we were focused on a narrow number of product ads, we increased the number of product ads to appeal to a larger audience and increase consumer awareness of the client’s offerings.

- Each week, we evaluated the success of the ads and made optimizations t increase qualified clicks to the website.

- Following initial top-of-funnel ads, we initiated remarketing campaigns to serve website visitors follow-up ads and increase purchase rates.

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In achieving our client’s audacious website visitation goals, a 767% increase in new traffic, we reduced our client’s cost per click by 47%, with no additional ad spend.


Revenue increase


Increase of new consumers in the sales funnel


Lower CPC than industry average